Our top tier advisors are the best in class, providing full scale solutions for our clients. We are one of the few private sector companies with access to the ASIO Business Unit Intelligence Portal. Our 24/7 global intelligence spans 180 countries, 400 cities and opens access to 50+ analysts for real time intelligence. With integrated Quality Management Systems, we mitigate security risks faced by our clients, provide operational solutions and strategic advice.

What We Do

  • Security Risk Assessments and Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Internationally Accredited Training Programs
    » Firearms
    » Personal Protection
    » Unarmed Combat
    » Active Shooter
    » Defensive Driving
    » Protestor Action Training
    » Incident Control
    » Aggression Management
  • Security Event Management
  • High Risk Environment Training (HRET)
    Designed to assist executives, expats, work crews, media teams and NGOs prepare for and manage risk whilst travelling and working in complex and potentially hostile situations. We focus on preparation and planning, threat identification/risk mitigation strategies, self sufficiency, situational awareness and trauma management.
  • Corporate Travel Safety
    24/7 global monitoring and intelligence is provided to our clients travelling to high risk locations
  • Security Systems Advisor and Administration
    Our team monitor and maintain the integrity of our clients’ security system technology
  • Security Technology Projects
  • Penetration, Criticality and Vulnerability Testing
  • Security Event Management
  • Security Project Management
  • Executive Assurance Officer
  • Rapid Deployment Crisis & Emergency Management Teams